Electronic component

Packaging component, Communication component, Heat dissipation material and Electrode material.

High-strength, high-thermal conductivity alloy materials and application technology

SAMC has developed high-strength, high-thermal conductivity components using tungsten-copper (WCu) material. These components can be applied to pins and contacts for chip packaging, as well as heat sinks for communication components such as RF, radar, wireless, and 5G. They are also suitable for high-power component heat sinks and PCB cores.

Product Advantages

1. Direct forming: Traditional heat sink components can only be customized through post-processing, but our company can achieve direct forming.
2. Easy to process: The finished product has high steeliness and strength, which can avoid chipping or deformation during post-processing, reducing subsequent processing costs.
3. Excellent properties: As an ideal heat dissipation material, in addition to high thermal conductivity, it also requires appropriate thermal expansion coefficient to match semiconductor materials and electronic ceramic substrates, avoiding residual stress at the interface caused by repeated expansion and contraction due to temperature changes. Compared to traditional processes, SAMC has higher thermal and electrical conductivity and can control the grain size to achieve higher material strength.

Specification Sheet

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