Rotor Refurbishment

Rotor Refurbishment

Corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, high-strength alloy materials and customized applications.

SAMC provides new material regeneration services to the market. Currently, the wear and corrosion of pumps reaching 50 μm can cause poor pumping efficiency, and reaching 100 μm can lead to expensive parts becoming scrap. The current solution in the market is to replace with new ones, but SAMC has developed another customized solution that allows the worn and corroded pumps to be regenerated by growing a thick layer of wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant material that is not easily peeled off.

Less prone to cracking and with strong gripping force

Traditional pump parts are mostly strengthened with thin layers such as electroplating or spray coating. When the thickness exceeds 50um, it is prone to cracking or peeling, and it is difficult to withstand high-speed 8000 rpm and cycling high and low temperatures, causing cracking, porosity, or even hollowing out of the substrate material. The breakthrough technology provided by SAMC is that the coating can grow more than 50um in just a few minutes and be tightly bonded to the substrate, with excellent adhesion of the strengthening layer.

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